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About Smart Bet Tracker

Smart Bet Tracker is a fully automated web application to track bets and surebets. You do not need to download or install anything.

This is not a gambling application. You cannot place real bets. You can just track your records. We do not provide any gambling related services.

You do not need to download or install anything. You can record all your betting activity (single bets, parlay bets, surebets, valuebets) and the application provides information to monitor your performance. It works as an accounting system. You can record different kinds of transactions (deposits, bets, fees, bonuses, transfers and others) which manage your bankroll, moving money between your accounts (bookmakers and wallets) and increasing or decreasing your balance according to your investments and winnings or losses. Each transaction involves one or more accounts (bookies or wallets) and in case it is a bet, you can specify important information (sport, country, period, market, spread, etc.) for statistical data.

Arbitrage betting has also been considered. Even though you can track normal bets, you can group two or more bets on a Surebet and Smart Bet Tracker will give you statistical information about surebets.

To make betting easier, you can search for specific events (by continent, country, league name, sport name, teams, etc.) and get the events, markets and odds from Betfair.

You can export all your information anytime you want.

Some features

  • Accounts:  Manage your bookies and wallets. You can add, delete and modify the bookies information, see bets and transactions history and export your accounts.
  • Bets: You can place single or multiple bets, list open and settled bets, edit, export and import bets.
  • Transactions:  You can place money transactions (investments, transfers, bonuses, fees an other), list transactions, edit, export and import transactions
  • Reports: Provides many reports about your betting activity
  • Account balances:  Provides information about the balances in every bookie and wallet, open bets and total amounts
  • Tipsters:  Manage your tipsters. You can add, delete and modify the tipsters information, export your tipsters.
  • Exchange rates: Manage exchange rates between the currencies you use
  • Settings:  Manage some settings including default parameters for bets.
  • Graphs:  Several graphs showing the balance evolution

Many more features coming soon.

You can record any bet, even if you don't find the sport, competition, event or odds. The information about sports, competitions, events and odds are provided to make it easier to record your bets, but you can set all this data by yourself. Just chose the "Single bet!" or "Multiple bet!" options on the "Bets" button.

Competitions, events, markets and odds are provided by Betfair and are subject to change. You can get their latest odds here

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